Agri-environmental policy evaluation.

The scenario will demonstrate how OpenIACS Linked Open Data Infrastructure can contribute to the realization of a continuous agrienvironmental
and country-level monitoring and reporting. This will necessitate a
fundamental review of measures for sustainability and the associated indicators for
monitoring the performance of the environmental policy objectives concerning water,
biodiversity, soil, climate and landscape for farming.
A web application will be developed and information will be presented through a
geographical platform for visualizing agri-environmental information at different level of
territorial aggregation. The data for this scenario will come from several specific services
provided by Open IACS infrastructure inlcuding:
The end-points data related to IACS and CAP.
b) The HPC service providers in charge of processing the models for:
Agricultural land covered with landscape features;
Farming in Natura 2000 areas and Areas facing natural and other specific constraints
Reduction of nutrient leaks: Nitrates in groundwater – Percentage of groundwater
stations with Nitrogen concentrations above 50 mg /1 according to the Nitrates Directive;
Improvement of water quality: Gross balance of nutrients in agricultural land;
Improvement of the protection of biodiversity: Percentage of species and habitats of
community interest related to agriculture with stable or growing trends;
Reduction of pressure on water resources