Scenario 3

Climate impact of Agriculture and CAP policy

The purpose of this scenario is to demonstrate how Open IACS Linked Open Data Infrastructure enhance links between agriculture related greenhouse gasses (carbon and methane emission) and CAP requirements’ impact on that issue (Cross Compliance, Greening, Agricultural Environmental Climate Measures), via indexes that offer advanced ecosystem services. In the same framework, this scenario will address issues of interoperability between different IACS systems and different external data sources (e.g. FMISs, farmer machinery and other equipment, advisory services information system).

A web application will be developed which will collect data from relevant sources, preprocess it (clean, validate etc.), and harmonize it so that the data can be processed by HPC resources, and later extract and present visually.

The data for this scenario will come from several specific services provided by Open IACS infrastructure that will include IACS related data but also data from third parties including:

  • IACS related: The end-points data related to CAP geographical declarations, Farm Registers, Livestock information, LPIS and Copernicus Sentinel Images.

  • External data: Data from Farm Management Information Systems (FMISs), data from farmer machinery and other equipment, advisory services information systems.


HPC infrastructure will be used to process the data according to algorithms that will be produced within this scenario to show the geographical distribution of direct and indirect indexes for climate change such as:

  • Carbon (in the form of C02) sequestration (capture) index of agricultural activity.

  • Carbon (in the form of C02) emission index of agricultural activity.

  • Methane emission index of stock breeding activity (manure and animals).

  • Methane capture and emission prevention index (treatment of manure and Methonotrophs in soils).

  • Green House gases balance index of agriculture.

  • Impact indexes of CAP requirements on Carbon and Methane cycles indexes (Cross Compliance, Greening, Agricultural Environmental Climate Measures).

The specific API mechanisms to connect the scenarios with Open IACS will also be elaborated considering different types of alternatives, such as connecting to existing applications or development of new web applications.